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Camping during the International Dog show in the MECC Maastricht (NL)

We made arrangements with the Management Board of the Maastricht Exhibition and Congress Centre to host “Mobile Homes” during our 42th and 43st International Dog shows  which will be held on Saturday and Sunday the 26th  & 27th September 2020.


These arrangements are as followed:

  • Mobile Homes are welcome at a special parking place called: P 6. This parking place is situated directly near the exhibition halls.
  • The amount due for the use of this parking space is from your arrival until you leave the parkingplace. You can pay the parking fee via the parking machine if you leave the parkingplaces.
  •  a day and have to be paid in advance, The Management Board of the MECC only allows a limited amount of Mobile Homes and Caravans at their premises. When this place is fully booked, we ask you to stay at one of the official camping grounds in the neighborhood which have to be pre-arranged by yourself.
  • Because of the limited numbers of Mobile Homes we can accept, we ask you to fill in a special form you find on our website and send it back by email as soon as possible. Mobile Homes entered in advance will be permitted first. When you have not entered the official form in advance, there is a possibility that you will be too late!
  • There are no extra facilities such as water and electricity. We will take care for containers for your trash and dogs feces. Please use this and do not leave trash and dogs feces at the premises. Special people have been instructed to undertake action if they ascertain violations.
  • The special Parking Place will be open on Friday the 25th of September from 09.00 AM until Monday morning the 30th of September, 08.00 AM. Because of the use of this place by business people on Monday, we ask you to leave the space as soon as possible after the shows.
  • If you want to use this Parking Place please enter your Mobile Home or Caravan in advance with a special form we developed and that you can find on our website. This form should be back before the 20th of September 2020. Please send it to our email address


We are glad that our exhibitors can use the MECC premises for their stay during our show. Please use these premises as it was your own, so do not leave your trash and dogs feces behind, otherwise then in the special containers. Only if we work together, these arrangements can also work for the coming years. We also would like to ask you to respect the night rest of people living around the camper place. Please be quiet from 23H.

Entry form can be found under the heading downloads.


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