Changes judgeslist

Our board is glad to have three new judges who recently passed their examination for the following breeds:

Keurmeesters zaterdag / Judges Saturday:

Leonberger : Judge Mrs. Carin van der Sijs (NL)


Keurmeesters zondag / Judges Sunday:

Leonberger:                                         Judge Mrs. Margit Kortleve-Prins (NL)

Lhasa Apso:                                         Judge Mr.  Frank van Tatenhove (NL)

Auvergne Pointing Dog:                        Judge Mr.  Mr.Dick Mc Coy (Eire)

Ariege Pointing Dog:                              Judge Mr.  Mr.Dick Mc Coy (Eire)

Bourbonnais Pointing Dog:                    Judge Mr.  Mr.Dick Mc Coy (Eire)

French Pointing Dog, Gascogne type:  Judge Mr.  Mr.Dick Mc Coy (Eire)

French Pointing Dog, Pyrenean type :  Judge Mr.  Mr.Dick Mc Coy (Eire)

Saint Germain Pointing Dog:                Judge Mr.  Mr.Dick Mc Coy (Eire)