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Dear dog friends,

They are ready!

The judges lists of the two International Dogshows on Saturday the 26th and Sunday the 27th of September 2020 are on our website www.dogshowmaastricht.nl

You will find them under the heading judges and downloads.

With pride we present you 28 judges coming from 8 countries. New en “old” faces coming back to Maastricht and some of them who have never judged in the Netherlands and/or Maastricht before.

Soon we start our entry program. We will give you a warm welcome in the most central city of Europe, Maastricht.

John Wauben

President International Dogshows Maastricht



More information: :  htm.secretariaat@dogshowmaastricht.nl

Follow our Facebooksite with the latest news: www.facebook.com/dogshowmeccmaastricht

See our website for the judges list with experienced and new judges!

John Wauben

President Dogshow Maastricht




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