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Dear exhibitor,

The International Dog Exhibition Maastricht (HTM) is organizing its 51th and 52th International Pedigree Dog Exhibition.
This unique European event will be held on Saturday 28 and Sunday 29 September 2024.
Dogshow Maastricht has shown in recent years that they can also survive under difficult circumstances and 
to be able to organize a beautiful and cozy Dog Show. We are going for it again this year!

The HTM Foundation has access to an ultra-modern exhibition hall with a total surface area of 17,500 m2 per day.
Excellent parking and a nice camper place next to the building and a lot
accommodation options in the area. We provide a warm welcome.

We would like to give you the opportunity to present your products during this exhibition.
You can do this as an exhibitor, sponsor and/or advertiser. Enclosed you will find: a price list,
regulations and a registration form. With the latter form you should see it as soon as possible
possible to register with us, because classification is based on entry.
We would also like to ask you if you are interested in sponsoring our exhibition.
We have several sponsorship packages ready for you, which we will gladly forward to you
to discuss the possibilities with you.

For further information about stand space, sponsoring and other possibilities,
please contact our treasurer and responsible for exhibitors and advertisers, mr
Peter Hikspoors, telephone 045-8516966, mobile 06-53153623, E-mail:,
or via our website:

We hope to welcome you as an exhibitor or sponsor in Maastricht.

Kind regards,

On behalf of the board of the Maastricht International Dog Exhibition Foundation.

Peter Hikspoors

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