Parking place during the International Dog show in the MECC Maastricht (NL)

Don't feel like waiting unnecessarily long at a payment terminal? Then buy your exit ticket online in advance.

Parking at MECC Maastricht costs €4 per hour or part thereof, with a maximum of €19 per calendar day.
You can use the link below: different rules apply to campers (see below)


Parking Mobile homes during the International Dog show in the MECC Maastricht (NL)

Agreements have been made with the management of the MECC about the parking of Campers and Caravans during the 51th and 52th International Dog Shows that will be held on Saturday 28 and Sunday 29 September 2024 in the MECC in Maastricht.

The agreements are as follows:

The Campers and Caravans may only be parked on P2. This parking lot is directly adjacent to the halls used for the pedigree dog shows.

The amount due for the use of this car park is from your arrival until you leave the premises.
1 You can pay the parking fee (€ 19 per day) via the parking meter when you leave the site.
2 It is also possible that Parking Management comes to you with a mobile Pin to pay.
3 You cannot use the option to buy a ticket digitally in advance.

Because the number of places is limited, exhibitors who register in advance can get a place. For others, there is no more space when the maximum number of campers/caravans has been reached. They cannot park at the MECC and have to go to another parking area for campers in the area.

There will be no extra electricity and/or water supplies. The organization does provide waste containers. Users of the parking lot are urged not to leave any waste behind other than in the appropriate containers.

On P2 and the other areas belonging to the MECC, there is also an obligation to clean up dog faeces without exception.

We rely on your cooperation. The supervisors are authorized and instructed to take verbal action.

The car park is open from Friday 27 September 09:00 until Monday 30 September 08:00 at the latest. In connection with the use of this site by companies, it must be handed over completely free on Monday morning.

Exhibitors who want to use this site with campers and/or caravans must register in advance using the enclosed form. It applies, first come, first served. The form must be sent to our email address no later than September 24, 2024.


We are pleased that our exhibitors can park as close as possible to the MECC. We do not want to betray the confidence that the management has placed in us in any way. We therefore trust that the use of the Camper and Caravan Parking Area will be done responsibly, that waste and dog excrement will be cleaned up immediately and deposited in the appropriate waste containers. We also expect that if you arrive in the evening, you respect the night's sleep of local residents. We therefore ask you to respect the night's rest from 11 pm.

For the registration form see section downloads

Entry form can be found under the heading downloads.